The things that count most for FreeYu are a special taste, an absolute freedom of choice, and snacks
that don’t make you feel guilty.
We know these are important for you, too.

This is why FreeYu has combined freedom and flavor to create products that will give you the power.
The power of freedom.

Eat the way you like it. Choose what you want. Do what you love. Discover and develop your passions. Remember that self-realization does not depend on pleasing others: it depends on you. Enjoy small pleasures and infect others with positive vibes every day. And be aware that what you eat is not only tasty and nutritious, but also better and healthier.


This is the power of the taste of freedom!


Freedom = honesty.

Be honest with yourself. Now you don’t have to choose between health and taste. Don’t give up anything. We are sure of what we offer. No baloney, strange ingredients, and unnecessary additives. Here, taste and ingredients are a perfect combination.
Learn about our values... nutritional values, that is!

Our qualities?

We are authentic, full of energy, and wholegrain.
And on top of that, tasty and healthy. Let self-confidence be with you. From us, you get the guarantee that things are good!

Feel like having more?

All that is important for FreeYu has been put into handy and convenient wrappings that are always there for you to grab. Do you enjoy quiet walks? About to do some yoga? Or maybe it’s mountain hiking that makes you really happy? FreeYu is always within reach and supports you in pursuing your passions.

Savor life the way you like it!
Feel free to love FreeYu!

We support others!

FreeYu supports the pursuit of passions. It enjoys everyday pleasures and provides lots of positive energy. It gives power. The power of freedom!

But being free doesn’t mean that you rest on your laurels. We aim high with Marcin Gortat!

According to Marcin, achieving your biggest goal and focusing on self-development have always been the definition of freedom in life. We subscribe to every bit of this statement! This is why we support his foundation.

The passions and desires of Marcin Gortat fuel his sense of freedom. He always says that freedom is the ultimate need of every person. To reach this goal, you have to work hard and live in line with your values.

Don’t force it,
but you need to have
a strong motivation.